Ron, BTAZ (pK(Ag-BTAZ) = 13,4) and PMT (pK(Ag-PMT) = 16,2) form the sparingly soluble salts with Ag+. It is very undesirable for me, because I want to keep Ag/Ag+ and AgHal/Ag+ systems to be intact (to the extent of gelatin allows). Of course this is the main root of all my troubles and my only way to escape fog is removing all potential reductons or suppression their reduction power.

Ascorbic Acid (as also other reductons) is a good thing. I don't know about Kodak but Fuji really used AA in his work.
I have used AA for Reduction Sensitization in my syntheses too and have gained good results.
But Red-sensitization is something other than I want to examine now.

By the way, if we speak of Red-sensitization, It is generally accepted to state 1950 year as year of its discovery (pioneer work by Lowe, Jones, Roberts). IDK why so, but I undoubtedly know that there is US Patent 2,487,850 dated 1949 (!), devoted Red-sens by SnCl2 (one more great red-sensitizer). And the author of this patent is none other than Burt! Of course he was at Kodak by the date.

Unfortunately I can't catch the sense of your phrase (again my English limps...) - "See, I have been hitting the textbooks!"