Sorry I've been a little slow to comment on all cards received so far. In no particular order:

"Baby Charlotte" from James Dean is a lovely portrait of a true survivor!

Jim Rollinger's "The Bean" is a great composition of form and shadow.

Mark Barendt's "Concern" is a nice capture of worry and work.

Mike Wilde's triple play of cards are all enjoyable, although like others, "First Dip" is my favorite.

Ruediger's "Jellyfish" remind me of walking on the beach in Thailand and having to watch out for those nasty suckers! Thanks everyone!

My cards have been printed since July, but I was waiting for a chance to sit down and write them all since the address list came out (it's been a busy month). Unfortunately I ran out of labels and stamps (not sure how that happened). So in the interest of moving forward, the majority are going out this weekend, but the rest (about 10 or so) will have to wait a week or two until I can restock my supplies.

Just a note about my postcards: sorry the horizon is not quite level, they did look alright when I printed them in a marathon session, but of course I noticed the problem when it was too late to fix it (I have no access to a darkroom other than a couple times a year when I head up to Tokyo).