I'm only 45 and and admitted GAS infected sort.
In the past year for whatever reason I have been reflecting and paring down my considerable stash.
Perhaps it is just that I know when I die my wife would get ripped off selling the stuff.

I make 90% of my living with this.
D700, 105 f1.8 AIS and 18-35mm AF Nikkors.

I shoot the other 5% with everything from a fisheye to a 300mm f2.8

My Hasselblad and Leaf Aptus do the other 5%.

My Sinar System has not been used to make a dime in 2 years.

I sold all my Rangefinder gear last year except a Fed 3 and Leica 2.0 , 50mm.
I sold my Shen Hao 4x5 and lenses.

Contemplating selling the whole Sinar kit.... just what if I am asked to photograph something great one day!?!
Thought about selling the Hasselbald 50mm FLE will keep the 80 and 150 till death or at least till starvation.
I bought a Toyo 5x7 half plate camera as a back up for the Sinar's possible sale.
Shall I keep the F100 or the FE2?
Nikonos kit stays.... even thought I am a professed SLR shooter.
Keeping the Anthony 8x10 and Vitax.... I have big plans for it.

I have a collection of Ikons and TLRs that will go too.