When film camera prices were bottoming out (bodies still are, lenses are back up) it was hard for me to resist buying the stuff I'd wanted years ago, but couldn't afford. I didn't put any effort into it, but now have a whole drawer full of old Nikon gear. I love that stuff. Old prism F bodies are incredible. The lenses are incredible. The trouble is I've had a Leica M2 for decades that does nearly everything I want (99% w/35mm to 50mm), and better than the Nikon.

I end up wasting a tremendous amount of time messing around with the Nikon stuff. I probably should just get the Nikons out of here (reducing the quantity is probably more realistic), but they are so nice (it is hopeless).

Pro work is different. I do make money with film, but only with a Cirkut Camera and the occasional gallery sale. Everything else is digital. If it gets use I keep it. I traded for a cheap 70-300 zoom this year that I have no real interest in, but will let me do a few pictures a year for a client, so it stays.

It is good to see you are getting a handle on this. I've made little progress so far and temptation appears constantly. I did send a big box of stuff to an APUG'er who bought a camera from me. He works at a school that can put it to use. That was very liberating, but I need a follow up treatment.