Hey all,

I've got a Century Graphic that I love, but, after putting a few rolls through it, don't think it's just the right thing for me. I'm flooded with view cameras, and if I'm using one I've got a nice 4x5 to use instead

So here's a Century Graphic that has recently come into my hands, it is in pretty pristine condition. Infinity stops, focusing rail, it's all there. Lens is clear and clean.

I'm looking to trade for a (this may be a stretch) Mamiya RB67 system (preferably with the rollfilm back and 90mm lens). I may be able to do a trade+cash if needed. Or you could talk me out of my 4x5 Graphic with a working focal plane shutter and in similar condition

I also have the ground glass for this one (clean) but no film holders.