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I will admit that they can be a lot of fun even unpredictable, the same reasons I develope in coffee and even cross process films. But I have never understood why anyone would pay $100 or more for one when a good camera could be had for that or you could just make one from scrap.
I got mine for free...well, the cost of one b/w print and an upcycled picture frame, plus shipping. (It was a brass frame, cost me .25 at a yard sale.) I threw in some spare 35mm reels and one 120 reel that I'm not using because I know she wants to start developing her own b/w film. I don't have any spare tanks, though...otherwise I would have put one of those in her box, too. *shrugs* I'm having fun with the little Holga pinhole. I put a roll of Lomo Redtone film in it yesterday. I'm not really looking for 'quality', ie: the PERFECT photograph, but fun and kicky. I could easily achieve that with my Pentax but I'm fond of plastic cameras.