I apologise for the delay, but it's finally here: the judging. Nobody ever said judging was easy. It really isn't.

I've seen many beautiful photos for this MSA. It is great to see that you have been inspired by the subject of the assignment. It is also great to see the variety in submitted work.

I've seen photos from freax, alan951, Klanmeister, rmont2, jeffreyq, and multiple submissions from hpulley, Bertus, barbara ann, nsouto, sly and mooseontheloose. Thank you all for participating and delivering great photos. It has been most interesting to see all your photos, and see a bit of the thought-process "from assignment to photo" (which is in some cases very straightforward, in other cases... less so).

I would want to comment on each and every photo, but then the results will be postponed even more, so I'll go straight to my list of favourites, in no particular order:

Intersect of three worlds by alan951. A broader interpretation of the theme, the water being the window that gives a view of another (and yet the same) world.
Centro PortuguÍs de Fotografia by freax and Farm Stay Window by sly. These are two great examples of the "classic" shots that I had in mind when I came up with the theme.
Inside/Out#1 by barbara ann. Another example of what I had hoped to see here. Not as classic as the two mentioned just before, but -if you pardon my saying so- more like a snapshot. The kind of photo that we might all be reluctant to make and to share, "what can possible be interesting about the view of my room, and the view out of my window?". Well, it may not be interesting to you, because you see it every day, but for all others, it's a new view.
Kiva somewhere on the mesa by Klanmeister. Absolutely beautiful, a stunning shot. Material for National Geographic, if you ask me.
Have you seen Ms. Ruthie? by rmont2. Saddening (the lost cat) and warming (the other cat) at the same time.
Outside/In#2 by barbara ann. This is true commitment, getting a whole window replaced just so you can contribute this photo to the MSA. Or, rather, what a lucky coincidence that you were able to get this shot for the MSA.

I could go on and on, there's something interesting in each and every photo. I'm sorry if I didn't mention your photo (or a particular photo of you), but rest assured: I like that one as well.

Give me a few more minutes while I go through these favorites one more time before making the decision.