OK, my brother in-law is visiting, so I took the chance to let my four year old nephew draw the names out of the hat:

Group 1
Lillian (sly)
Rachelle (mooseontheloose)
Randy (ghostcount)
Eugene (anikin)

Group 2
Odd Magne (OMU)
Ian (Stan160)
Travis (Travis Nunn)
Ruediger (rst)

Group 3
Lillian (sly)
Paul (paul_c5x4)
Jeff (trotkiller)

Group 4
Martin (MartinB)
Aris (akaa)
Andy (Oxleyroad)

I hope everybody is satisfied. If not, complaints go directly to my little nephew

Please, the members in a group send their addresses to each other.

My prints are already done, just need to be mounted and packed.