Dale -

This is the second roll of "found film" that I came across that had images on it. Last year I found a roll of 135 Delta 3200 in a box of expired film I purchased. The leader was pulled in, so I thought there must be something on it. From what I can gather it was taken at a gentlemen's club.

John -

I would like to do my own darkroom work at some point. I have been gathering the necessary supplies for some time now, its just that my current apartment is not really a good place to try to set up a darkroom. So far I have accumulated a 4x5 enlarger (Omega 5500) and a number of hand processing canisters and reels. I have actually processed a number of rolls of 135 myself, but it was just test rolls - nothing that I thought might be good. In the next year or so, I hope to buy another house, and I'll definitely set up a dark room. Between now and then, I would hope to take a course that involves darkroom work, but BW and Tri-C seem to be cutting back the offerings quite a bit. I will consider Akron, but after an evening class, that would be a long drive home to Westlake.

Also, I have some proofs of the windmill-against-the-wall shot from your neighbor's farm. I like it a lot. If we don't have any plans to meet up before long, I'll probably make a postcard out of it and send it your way.