I purchased this on rff back in July. Great camera, already regret selling it. Price is $1825 including Pay Pal & shipping in the conus. If you would like to pay via postal m/o of pick it up in Seattle in person I'll adjust the price accordingly.

Included is the camera, the original somewhat worn box, instruction manual, rubber lens hood & a b w uv filter.

Over all this camera is in pretty clean shape. It has a little paint loss, mainly on the border of the film door & on the strap lugs, just a tiny bit of brass showing through on edge of the flash shoe.
The view finder is bright & clear & the range finder is accurate. The light meter agrees with my pentax spot meter perfectly. The glass on the Nikkor 80mm 2.8 lens is pristine. The shutter was tested recently & is accurate, aperture blades are clean & functioning as they should. The "lazy tongs" focusing mechanism is working smoothly & is tight with no play. The bellows is in good shape with no leaks. The only thing I can find wrong is a small crack in the lens cap. It still works fine.

This camera was at Plaubel in Germany in 2010 to have the battery compartment replaced & an inspection. Looks like they also did an adjustment on the finder (my German is a bit rusty but I think that's what they mean by justiert sucher/e-messer). I will include the repair invoice with the sale.

I have bought and sold on the various forums quite a bit & would be happy to supply references.

Thanks for looking,