Kraker~ Great thanks for choosing my Inside/Out#1 as winner of the MSA contest! I am humbled that it was selected from so many wonderful images! The backstory on the photo is this. For years I have had to put up and take down heavy storm windows from this area. I finally was no longer physically able to do it and made the decision to replace the windows. My son and his friend installed them and I was ecstatic with the results! My beloved back yard now actually seems like an extension of my living space. I can watch the seasons change and when it snows I will feel like I inhabit a giant snow globe as the flakes swirl around my "sliders"! As a result of aging, I spend more and more time inside my home. Now I will not feel confined or penalized but a part of the natural world that means so much to me. This joy is what I wanted to convey with my photo and I hope I succeeded at least partially.
I will now get busy thinking about a subject for Jan/Feb MSA!