I just found this site and immediately joined, because even if no one can help me, I'm sure I'll enjoy the party. Here's the story: This morning, in the swap area of my local dump was a Yashica camera bag. Inside, nested an fx-70 with ML zoom 42-75 lens, a cs-201 auto light meter, and a 'Popular C-400' flash attachment. The body of the camera is clad in something that looks like grey felt (but which I suspect is the backing of a former leatherette). Monday is the day they empty the swap shack and toss anything unclaimed into the crusher. I couldn't let that happen.

I enjoy taking pictures (I don't call my efforts photography) and I have another Yashica that my dad purchased in Japan in the 1950s, but, seriously, I'm as ignorant as dirt. Now, this camera could be totally trashed or in perfect working condition, I can't even figure out how to open the film door. If anyone has any advice for me or direction as to where I can get some instruction on operation - I'm begging shamelessly.

By the way, my name is Jo.