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it seems like it would be a good thing
to pick 1 film and a basic developer ( and a paper and basic developer ) that are available where you live ..
and use that film and developer ( and paper/developer ) for a year or maybe two, to learn all
what your film/paper and developers have to offer you. then you will be
able to use your camera, film / paper " in unison " to achieve negatives
suited to you .

what tends to happen is people get side tracked using 10 different films, 10 different developers, 10 different papers, 10 different developers
and come up for air a year or 2 later wondering why they are in the same place they started ...

its good to know and be able to predict how your "photographic system" will work in a variety of different situations
and using 1 developer/film/paper is a very good way of doing that ...

good luck !