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Need some help, a bit puzzled here. I am looking for a fine grain, so a sales person of analog film and developer advised me to use the APH09 Rodinal, but a teacher at the academy said APH 09 Rodinal is not for fine grain. I did a film of Adox ART 50 in Rodinal and I have quite large grain. I also did a film of TMAX100 in HC-110 and got a very nice, almost grainless result. All techniques on dev via the Mass Dev Chart.

So, now I still have Adox ART 50 and 100, I prefer liquids over the D76, so any thoughts on doing the Adox ART in HC-110 or something else? I am looking for the wide spectrum on the grays.

Hello /dev/null
I wonder how did you manage to get grainy pix with Adox CHS 50 ..and I think that's because you underexposed the film and tried to squeeze the results through a scanner, which gets goofy when you try to obtain information on scanned regions that are blank or plain black resulting in some digital noise added to the scanned areas. Otherwise, expose your Adox 50 @25-32 and bath in R09/Rodinal 1:50 and you'll be thrilled