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Hello /dev/null
I wonder how did you manage to get grainy pix with Adox CHS 50 ..and I think that's because you underexposed the film and tried to squeeze the results through a scanner, which gets goofy when you try to obtain information on scanned regions that are blank or plain black resulting in some digital noise added to the scanned areas. Otherwise, expose your Adox 50 @25-32 and bath in R09/Rodinal 1:50 and you'll be thrilled
Hey hobbes, that is exactly what I did Film was underexposed and then scanned and then pushed and I saw lots and lots of grain.

So, I think my question is answered then, thanks a lot! I will try to expose the film at lower ISO. The reason why I wondered was that I get beautiful, almost grainless results with the TMAX100 in HC-110 and that made me wonder how on earth my ADOX ART50 got so grainy and 'ugly'.