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I agree and turn the power switch off and on a few times to wipe the contacts.
Do you mean the shutter button lock? I don't think that's a switch; I think it blocks the contacts under the button. But I could be wrong. Wouldn't hurt to do it anyway. Voltage problems could arise from other points like the ISO dial or aperture resistor, but I'm not sure that would affect the readout in the way described.

It's possible that carefully removing and putting back the display could improve things. Best to remove the batteries before doing it.

If its still not bright enough just get another finder.
The readout on mine was not very clear. I removed the top of the finder and could see the long rectangular mirror was dirty. I cleaned all the mirrors and glass surfaces. The display looked great after that. It seems like the problem is intermittent, so probably this will not help, but I did find that my exact eye position made a difference before I cleaned it.