Thanks for your help, Mark!
Exactly, getting the cameras themselves to work is half the intrigue, and luckily for me, that is indeed part of their appeal. Plus, I just love putting old stuff back into service, so on many levels, it's become addicting.

I'm using Ilford HP5+ that comes on a 100' foot roll, so I don't have any individual cans/boxes I can use, and just like you mention, I was worried about curling over time if I stored them in some acquired tubes. But, I think it might not only buy me some time, but possibly work out well, especially for the longest ones.

Oh yes, dust is my concern with the hanging system I'm now using. It seems to be working for the short term, so I'm gonna give this more thought, and come up with a mixed solution depending on the neg length. I can build a storage cabinet for ones of moderate length, which most of them are, so for the bulk of them, should work out well.

Thanks so much for you thoughts/help - much appreciated!