Hi everyone,

I think it's time that I accept the 'awesomeness' of Medium Format. I've been shooting 35mm for quite a while and a friend recently scanned his MF negatives at my house (or at school, I don't remember) - anyhow, the resolution was unbelievable!

I do black and white developing/scanning on my own, and I generally shoot black and white 75% of the time. I'd like to find a camera that is versatile enough to be used in various situations. I recently acquired a Rolleiflex 2.8E but the high costs of maintenance made me not want to use the camera and I'd like to find something else. As a rangefinder user myself in the 35mm world, I was recommended the Mamiya 7II, but the kits are just way too out of my price range at this point. I think I'd like to stay with a budget of $800 (with a bit of flexibility, but not much...after all I'm a student!)

So the bottom line is, I'm looking for a medium format camera that can remain relatively versatile, would complement my Leica M, stay under $800 and be easy to operate and have lower maintenance.

Options I have in mind are:

  • Hasselblad 500c or 500cm [seems to be around high 600's to lower 800's for a kit]
  • Mamiya C330 [seems to be around high 300's to lower 500's for a kit]

Thanks so much in advance, I'm still trying to learn more!