I understand the concern about the cost of returning that Rolleiflex into a good state of repair. I find most shops that will work on them charge an arm and a leg. There seems to be an attitude that they are luxury cameras, and so repairs should come at luxury prices. I finally found a good local shop that would CLA my Rolleiflex 2.8F for a reasonable amount (about 150 dollars.) If you can find such a place, it would be worth sorting the Rolleiflex out. However I ended up selling my 2.8F Planar. I put a couple of rolls of film through it, and was not convinced by the images I got. On the good side, the images were among the highest-resolution I had captured on film. But there was an overall lack of contrast, and I found the Planar was susceptible to flare. As a result I didn't like the images nearly as much as those I get from my Bronica ETR kit, or from Pentax lenses in 35mm.

In considering what your other options are, do you know what focal lengths you typically like to shoot at? If you know you mostly use a single focal length, the fixed-lens Fuji rangefinders are fantastic. They have all the appeal of a 35mm rangefinder, with the advantages of a gigantic viewfinder, huge and easy rangefinder focus spot, and they expose a massive piece of film. I have a GW690, and of any of my cameras, it is the simplest, most robust, and most likely to still be working in 50 years.