Wow, love how many responses I'm getting!

I mean, I love the Rollei no doubt, but I'm really concerned about the taking lens' surface markings. The seller agreed to take it back (since it's within 3 days) and I think I'll just hold out until I can find a copy that at least doesn't have lens issues. I'm still young and I can always save up right? GAS is already hitting hard... I sold off so much stuff just to invest in my M kit

As far as the focal lengths go, I find myself drawn to using 50mm, both on my Leica as well as my Nikon FM2 - however, I think a 35mm would be a great addition to either kit (I want to save up for a CV 35mm for the M).

I don't mind a "different" system, so the MF camera doesn't have to be a rangefinder or even an SLR, I just want something than can be used in many situations. No doubt, I'll expand my gear within the next few years if I find MF to be a nice addition but I'm simply asking for the "first" system I should be getting. I honestly really love the Rollei, but like I said, the lens markings bother me and I'd rather wait and see if I can ever find a better copy and then invest in the CLA.

Keep those comments coming? What are your thoughts on the 500c vs 500cm!