I currently only shoot negatives. I am planning on purchasing a nikon f5 in the near future and also would like to start shooting slides.

From what I understand, proper exposure is very important with slides. The F5 is the only film camera with a color matrix meter. Assuming that the scene being photographed doesn't have a huge latitude between the shadows and highlights will the f5's meter be accurate enough to give a good exposure? I also plan on using slides in the snow. I know the color meter works very well with negatives in snow, can the same be said with slides?

Instead of making another thread I figured i'd ask these other questions here:

Any idea what a mint n80 is worth? I was thinking like $100.

I plan on buying a box of E100VS as a general purpose saturated film. I heard it works well in the snow, does ok portraits (provia 400x will be a dedicated portrait film), and has a pretty large latitude. any comments on that? I want something that will give me the saturated benefits of slides, low grain, good latitude, and wont make people look bad.

Thank you,