Wow thanks everyone for the quick responces.

Yes I was refering to only 35mm and yes a f6 is out of budget. I am a 19 years old student, my dad gave me the n80 with a few nice lens and I have learned using film. Origanally I planned on getting a modern dSLR but I have fallen in love with the look and challenges of film photography, this is why I want a f5. Not to mention all my perfectly good lens would be cropped and not work at all on anything less than a D7000. I also don't shoot often enough to make the inital cost of the dSLR and lens worth it. Over the last year I feel like I have become very competent with color negatives and am looking to get into slides.

Is the lattitude on the e100vs large enough for a slide beginner to get decent shots? Also I have a acer scanwit 35mm scanner. It makes a good image but i can never get the colors right with negatives. Provided that this scanner can scan slides decently, is color correction easier?

Again thanks for the help. I plan on being here for as long as possible.