Ahhh, hadn't thought about a loose roll - thanks Jamie.

Mark - Yep, Jamie is right, the HP5 I'm using is the 8" stuff Ilford cuts once a year. I too wasn't really interested in 8", but 5" and 8" is all they had available for ordering this year. I did put in a request for 10" wide rolls next year, so I'm hopeful I can get that, (especially if others request it too), otherwise I'm thinking of getting their 20"x50' HP5 roll, and cutting it down, (I'd prefer not do that, but...)

You mentioned gears - I might need a set to use with a 300mm Symmar-S in the future. Not sure how many teeth I'd need off hand. I'd have to do some calculations, but that's something I'm looking into.

Thanks guys!