Wise folks -

I have a 23CII with a dual dichro color head. It didnt come with a red safety filter for the filter drawer or one under the lens (this model doesnt typically have that as far as I can Google?).

So I wonder if I can dial the yellow and magenta on the color head to say 200 each and then have a 'red safety filter'? Or will that not cut it? Do I need to buy a red safety filter to slide in and out of the above the lens filter slot, then pull before printing?

When printing B/W, sometimes I want to take a gander at my paper, easel before exposing; for e.g., to practice dodging and buring, etc before 'going live' and I want a safety filter but I just have this idea that if I dial the magenta to 200 and yellow to 200 on the color head I will have my 'red safety filer' without having to buy one? Or do I really need to buy one?

What do all you other 23CII folks do if you want a red safety filter on the enlarger? Can I hack it with the color head dials?