Hi All,

We are on the new server now. Things could be bumpy until we find the best resource settings and configurations for our setup. We don't really know what direction to go until the site gets some traffic. If you come across any problems feel free to post here.


**UPDATE - We are now moving into the 2nd phase of the migration. This is using a global content delivery network to host and serve our static files closer to your location. This is very easy to trial as if it causes issues we can simply disable it. It has been running well for DPUG so I don't anticipate too many problems with it.

*update - one minor issue identified. Database backup locks up the site, so looking into this. Once this happens our content delivery network thinks the site is down. You may have seen "Website Offline, No Cached Version Available" message or such errors at that time.

*update - I have identified some character set issues with foreign languages. Looking into it now.