Very cool, thanks!

The way I was told the Ilford special order ULF run works is that you can order only whatever is on their list for that year. For 2011, only 8" and 20" HP5 rolls were available for ordering. They also had 5" FP4 rolls, but not in HP5. I wanted 10", but couldn't get it because it wasn't on the list. Perhaps I was misinformed by that dealer? I tried calling Ilford directly for 2 weeks, months before the deadline for clarificatiion, left messages, and got no return call. That is why I have put in a request through that dealer to have 10" on the list for 2012. I'm uncertain exactly when the list comes out, but the cut-off date is in June....meaning they circulate the list months in advance of that date, so I wanted to get my request in as early as possible.

My sense is they will cut any size you'd like, but perhaps didn't know there was any desire for 10", so it hasn't yet made it onto their selection list. If anyone else would like it, please let them know to include it, so we can keep these old girls running!