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If you can shop for buggy whips on an iPad (and you can) there will always be film, certainly as long as any of us is alive. I think Ilford will be the last man standing in the film coliseum. Fuji is just as capital intensive a business as is Kodak. They'll get out of the film business, too, sooner than later methinks.

If you want to have black & white film around in future years and are running low, support Ilford and not Kodak. Your purchase there will be something more than a mere exercise in futility.

I'm down to my last 10 sheets of 8x10 Tmax. When it's gone I'll order HP5+.
The difference is that a skilled worker, on his own, can make a top quality buggy whip in a back-yard workshop with relatively simple tools and materials. You can't make a 35mm film in that way.

(I agree with what you say about Fuji and Ilford...)