a metaphysic of Light
photographs: 1970 - 1988 John Wimberley
Forty one years in the making, the long-awaited monograph of John Wimberley’s early work is finally available. Containing 69 photographs, many of which have never been exhibited, this beautifully designed and printed hardcover book is 13” x 11” in size with 80 pages. Publication will be limited to a single edition of 750 numbered and autographed copies. The first 50 copies comprise the “Collector’s Edition” and include a singed 13”x11” gelatin/silver print of Dunes and Horizontal Ripples, 1979.
a metaphysic of Light may be ordered directly from John Wimberley. Prices are as follows until
December 31, 2011:
Collector’s Edition (numbers 1-50) $225.00
Limited Edition (numbers 51-750) $120.00
After January 1, 2012:
Collector’s Edition (numbers 1-50) $250.00
Limited Edition (numbers 51-750) $140.00
Prices include postage and handling. Payment may be made by PayPal to tjwimberley@charter.net, or by sending a check to John Wimberley, 475 Ray Lane, Ashland, OR 97520 USA.
Published by Stone With Light Publishing, Ashland, OR, 97520 USA. Design by John Wimberley