08 Nov 2011

Time to comment on the next batch of card that I have received.

The photo from markbarebt does a good job at conveying the gravity of the situation. I also like the implied motion as these guys try to fix the problem.
"Alien Lamps" from rst is a simple composition, but has a lot for the viewer to think about. I like how you look at everyday things with a different "eye".
The card from FotoGys has great detail and tones. Looks like an interesting place to visit.
The print from MattKing is simple and complex at the same time. The repeated patterns keeps the viewer "wandering around the photo" for some time.
The "card" from Anikin is really cool. I would never have thought about creating such a 3D viewer. Your instructions were easy to follow. It must have been fun to study how the brain "deals with" such information.