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Robert, Good to meet you.

We have 2 F5s, and love them. They as solid as a tank and the metering is great. We use one for B/W and the other for slide film. I hate negative color film.

My wife uses the slide camera much more than I. She loves backlit shots. The F5 does one hell of a job with that.

We also live in Canada, so we get a lot of snow and every other weather condition you can imagine. We have used both of them in -30C to about +30C.

Our local camera shot loaned me an F6 to see what I thought. Returned it in about a day or 2.

Google Lightwisps and you will be able to see some of our work. They are all shot with an F5.

Glad you enjoy film.

Contact me anytime.



The pictures look great. I'm just over the border in Buffalo, NY.
I picked up a roll of elite chrome 100 just to try it out before I buy slides in bulk online. I'll post up some pics when I finish it. As many people recommended i'm using the spot meter get an idea of the scenes latitude. How many stops can a slide normally tolerate? My color negative of choice was Portra 160 which has an insanely wide latitude.

I've never been to the local lab that does E6, but they look very professional. They process everything from 35mm to 8x10. Hopefully I'll have better results with them; $9 for 36 exposure processing doesn't seem too unreasonable either.