In looking back over the past few months, I have realized that nowadays I am shooting almost exclusively with my rangefinder cameras. It has been months since I got out my Nikon gear - I seem to always pick up my Leica gear or my Hassleblad XPAN kit when I'm going out to make images.

My Leica M4-P and my 28mm f/2 Summicron are what I use most; this setup (along with my Sekonic meter) are what I carry on a daily basis when I want to go light.

This made me wonder if others who have rangefinder cameras (regardless of make) have found their rangefinder cameras claiming more and more of their photographic time.

I have discovered that making images with a small, light and nearly silent rangefinder camera is truly an enjoyable way of photographing. The negatives and chromes that are produced by Leica lenses are frighteningly sharp with dazzling color rendition. The lenses for the XPAN (which were made by Fuji) are also outstanding. They are very close in quality to the Zeiss T* lenses made for the 6x6 'blad cameras.

The cameras themselves are about as simple and basic as a camera can be - no command dials, sub menus buried beneath other menus and no 400+ page camera manuals. The simplicity of rangefinder cameras is liberating and allows much more time with your eye in the viewfinder rather than spending hours with your nose buried in a thick manual.

I'm just curious if others here have notice that their rangefinder cameras are claiming more and more of their time. Is anyone else having a similar experience?