I love my Sekonic 558. It preceded the 758 and does pretty much the same dance. They're easily available used in nice condition for around 300 bucks. The 558R came with the flash trigger module, as does the 758DR. You can get the 758D(minus module)as a gray market import(Sekonic USA doesn't import them into N. America). The 558 didn't come with a trigger module, either. These can be added later to either model. The only trick is to make sure the meter and module match: FCC frequency meters need FCC modules; CE frequecy meters need CE modules. I've not heard consistent reports on the greatness of the sensor-matching program and procedure on the 758DR. Most people bitch about the pricey cardboard calibration target and yet another USB-powered, computer-dependent piece of hardware.

Here's the "cooking show" explaining how the calibration works for a DSLR but film???