Unless I missed it no one has mentioned bracketing exposures (i.e., taking additional shots above and below your meter reading). The F5's meter should handle most scenes fine, but with static subjects in complex lighting (which is often the most interesting), bracketing will give you a lot more keepers. Keep notes so you know which exposure you end up liking; in the future you won't have to bracket so much. I have shot slides for over 20 years and still bracket in many situations because slide film is so finicky. Usually +/- 0.5 stop covers it, but if I'm in a really good unrepeatable situation I'll shoot a full stop over and under as well. The F5 will autobracket to save time.

I also second the suggestion for the F100 if you want a lighter, smaller camera with most of the features and durability of the F5.

Also if you want saturation you should try Velvia 50 too. Slower than E100VS, but with finer grain and (to my eye) more pleasing colors and contrast.