Thanks Mike. A lot of good information here. I am guessing that the negative should be inserted into the slot between the knobs and the logo. There is a small light tube (looks like a fluorescent lamp) inside the unit that would light the negative from behind so the sensor could read it. I'll go over it again to see if there are any calibration things on it. There is a grey card on the front of the unit, which is also lighted, I guess, from the tube light. This thing has no probe, nor a place where a probe would have been connected, so I assume that it does not utilize an enlarger at all and merely reads a negative inserted into the slot. That negative may be, like you suggested, a grey card shot to calibrate that film.

I'm having fun with color. It will definitely take time to calibrate my eye so I can figure out how to get a print where I want it. Thanks for you help again! I appreciate it.