[QUOTE=Please let me know where or how can I get them, B&H only sells them to me directly from the store, They do not ship it!!! I would be so happy if someone gets me the info about this. Richard Groenewold[/QUOTE]

Hi Richard
Take a look at B&H Home/Photography/Darkroom/Photographic Chemistry/Color Paper Chemistry and select Ilford
You can get the P3 bleach (now called bleach starter) (in 3 parts) 1x2 liters for $132.40; fixer/fixer replenisher in two 5 litre packages for $98.95; P3 Developer - part A 1x5 litres $53.95; part B 1x2 litres $38.50; part C 1x2 litres $29.95; I'm just mentioning prices so that you can see which items I'm specifically referring to.
Then go to Home/Photography/Darkroom/PhotographicEnlarging Paper and select Ilford.
The items I've mentioned are NOT listed as "This item is only available for purchase in our superstore". Thanks. Judy