I think you will find the Gossen has a much easier/faster learning curve.
I can see the value of having both a 1 & 5 degree spot capability of the Gossen.
Also, I am intrigued by the multiple flash-unit/position, incident comparison feature on the Gossen, for portraiture.

I read that the Gossen Starlite doesn't have radio triggering for incident readings during portraiture set-up.
My Gossen Luna Pro,and recently acquired Minolta VI don't either,
but I get around that with cheap Chinese triggers velcro'd to the meters w/sync cords.
My Minolta VI is giving me a far easier learning curve than any digital Sekonic I have ever tried.

Very sad to hear of your Pentax Spot mishap. Until I master the Minolta, I would feel
very lost without my old analogue Pentax V for landscapes,
but I think the Minolta is going to replace my Gossen and the Pentax.