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I use Rodinal with continuous but very gentle agitation to develop 5x4 sheet film. No problems! I used to use a divided tray but now use a Paterson Orbital without the motor, i.e. agitated by hand.
For Adox CHS 100 my time for normal development is 10 minutes with a dilution of 1+30 (total amount 10 +300mls)

As an Orbital user, I am really interested how you do agitation. Which kind of pattern and how often.
I have abandoned the motorized base and now I use Orbital like a slosher, rocking it from each side. Doing two full series of rocking in the beginning of each minute. The one serie is: raise from nearest side, then left, then back, then right.

Usually this gives a good negatives, but sometimes there's a little more density on the edges.
I don't know if it's caused my agitation pattern, speed or something else. I too use 300 ml.