Hello all- Ive recently switched to all film, and I adore the process and Im really enjoying what it has to offer. However, Im having some issues with metering and the process for exposing best for color film. I understand how to use the zone system for BW film very well, and generally do pretty good with it.. but my color has been hit and miss. I shoot mostly with the new portra 160 or 400 and I know my goal is to expose it about 3/4 to a full stop over, Ive just not found the best way to do this DURING a shoot. I have a handheld, and i shoot with a 645afd, and I use the meter inside as well.
My question is should is:

- What is the best way to meter with my handheld to ensure Im getting the right exposure for this film? Ive read about several ways of doing it, but in practice Im finding it hard to constantly have to stop and meter. One thing ive read was with portra, meter with the bulb in will give me 3/4 over...but when when I do it, it seems to be the same as out.. reading wise. Im confused about this.
- Is it easier to just set my exposure comp + 3/4 or 1 stop and set my internal meter to average?

thanks for all your help!