This is the exact type of thing I was referring to in my last post:

I still got them on my last batch of negs also. They look exactly the same as this persons.
My process is:
Tri-x sheet film new not old stuff
Jobo Expert Drum on leveled motor base spinning at 30rpm
presoak for around 5 minutes or so
HC110 1:89 for 8 minutes
stop bath 1 minute
NH5 rapid fixer (no hardener) for 5 minutes
1 minute water bath
5 minute Heico Permawash

I can see these specks after pulling them from the drum so I know it's somewhere in the process and not in the drying of the film. Could older Permawash be the suspect or could it be that I am permawashing for too long perhaps? It is the only thing I can think of. My process is fastidious with everything being freshly mixed and properly cleaned. Thanks again for anyone reconsidering this thread.