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Im confused about this.
- Is it easier to just set my exposure comp + 3/4 or 1 stop and set my internal meter to average?
You're confused?!?

You are saying that you are metering (incident?) in camera. That just doesn't support your claim that you know, and are actually using, the ZS well. You are using a spot meter if you are practicing the ZS. How else will you know how to place your zones? Shooting color negative needn't be any more difficult than monochrome negative, particularly if using the ZS. The ZS takes all the guesswork (confusion) out of film exposure, monochrome or color. No exposure compensations or averaging required. I would suggest you take another, perhaps more rigorous, look at the ZS before claiming that it is failing you, for any purpose.

But I agree with the others that the easiest solution for your situation is to use an incident meter.