Yesterday i made 3 pictures with apparent no problem. I was using the mirrorlock up mode and when i went for the 4 exposure, when i first depressed the shutter the mirror went up, but when i depressed the shutter for the 2 time to actually record the picture...nothing happens! I didn't heard the picture being taken and of course i didn?t heard the advancing of the film. Then i tried shutting off the camera, changing for other mode....nothing happens! When i turned the camera 180? to take the batteries off...sudnely i heard the film advancing. Then i went for a 5 exposure using again the mirrorlock up..and ocurred exactly the same problem, only when i turned the camera 180? i heard the film advancing! Then for the 6 exposure i changed to the single exposure mode. When i depressed the shutter i heard (what appeared to me ) the photo been taked..but still the film didn't advance! I turned the camera 180? and only then the film advanced!!

The batteries are new...only made 1 roll with them

Does anyone had or have these kind of similar problems??

Thank you in advance