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If they are in a dust free place and dry to touch, they do not need to be taken down.unless you need the space.

FWIW, we were taught in ye oldene dayz that if you could leave a neg to dry for twenty four hours, you would get sharper results because by then the neg had "cured."

Whether that old lab rat's advice was sound, I know not; but when I have the time I do that. when not, then he taught that a quick alcohol/water bath would dry the negs in a jiffy. I rarely use that approach.

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Hello! I am not a photographer, but I'm an aspiring author and one of the characters in my latest book is a photographer.
I was wondering what kind of camera you are holding in your profile picture... It looks very old and antique, which is exactly the kind of camera I want in my story....
I know this is a strange request, but I would really appreciate any information you can give me: about the camera, the model, when it came out, how well it works, the film... The more info the better!
Thank you very much,