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With 500ml I can process 10 8x10s in the Jobo using the chamistry as a one-shot. That is usually enough for an evenings printing. I have recovered it and continued to use it to process as many as 20 8x10s per 500ml. When I do this I use 2 prewets and develop and bleach fix for 50 sec plus a drain time of 10 seconds each. My stop is 1.5 oz of glacial acetic acid per gallon and I don't try to extend that. Because the solutions are becoming more exhausted, I use 200ml for the developer and bleach fix instead of the usual 100ml. The developer starts out the usual light beige color and becomes a dark blue as it is reused. After 20 8x10s it is almost black. That is where I stopped although I could probably go further since there was no change in either color balance or density.
Good to know - just curious, but why 2 prewets? And are you using the Jobo lift, or the magnetic covers?