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This is, if confirmed, indeed a royal bummer, it's not like Ilford Switzerland cordially supported Ilfochrome anyways during the last few years. Here's what I plan on doing:
  • Paper can be stored in the freezer for many years according to what I have found in relevant forum postings. So I will stock what I plan on using over the next few years so I can continue to print my favorite slides.
  • Chemistry is more short lived according to these same postings but should last for 1-2 years, at least after heavy color corrections.
  • Chemistry will be either available after that or I will look into home brewing. There are a few threads here on APUG which describe recipes and refer to further info: here and here.

It's really time for us slide shooters to put our freezers to use and to boost our knowledge in organic chemistry. I've already stocked up on Fuji Astia 100F and, just in case, Kodak E100VS. This should buy me 5 more years before I either convert to C41 and B&W or just give up photography altogether. It was fun while it lasted.
Not to discourage you but I haven't had luck storing Ilfochrome "many years". I pulled some out of the freezer that was less than 10 years old and it was far beyond help.