So the day has come, maybe, probably, almost certainly. I pretty much quit a few years ago when it became hard as hell to even find the chemicals anymore and the expense was outrageous. There was nowhere left for it to go but away.

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Where there's a will, there's a way. I started planning for the demise of Ciba almost a decade ago.
Color neg materials still weren't up to par, but now things have gotten pretty damn good, though
that's no guarantee Kodak won't pull their end of the rug out from under us. Fuji CA papers and RA4 work perfectly well in home dkrm drums etc. To get the best results with Ciba you had to learn
masking; same for color neg printing, though with different tweaks. But the sum cost is far less than
Ciba was, and significantly less than a high-quality scan and Lightjet etc output (at least for serious
large format work). If some of the positive energy was redirected and concentrated on some of these newer products, it might equate to a mini revival of actual home darkroom color enthusiasts.
If everyone just wants to sit on their ass, then they've got their inkjet printers already.
That's something to think about. I've never printed negatives but soon I may have no choice. What better time to start! ;-)