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My understanding from previous threads is that the starter sort of "pre-ages" the developer for a replenished system, so it then can remain pretty consistent. For one shot use or use-until-exhausted in trays you don't need it.

Bruce, what paper are you using? The Fuji is far more readily available, at least fresh and pre-cut, but I've heard the results with room temperature in trays are more mixed than with Kodak Supra. I'd like to start doing this soon-ish, but would prefer to buy fresh paper in sheets if I can.
I have a good stash of outdated Supra and maybe 2 boxes of Portra Endura left.
I also have a 600ft roll of Edge.
So all Kodak so far at room temp.

I haven't tried any Fuji yet but I was reading a recent thread and it sounded encouraging for some fuji types at room temp. I'll have to try it at some point.