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I've read the Olympus 35's all suffered from sticky issues, is this easy to fix if it happens?
It requires substantial disassembly - basically you'd need a tech to take it apart and relube it. Assume that will cost an additional 100. If the camera was serviced already at some point, its possible this was dealt with already.

One little note with the 35RD. The aperture ring almost flush against the body. It isn't the easiest to change. If you shoot primarily automatic this would be fine. If shoot mostly manual, I'd try handling one first to see if the ergonomics will bother you. One in good condition is an excellent camera which produces wonderful results.

The Minolta 7sII is another good small one. It has a small knob at the bottom to make changing the aperture easier; I prefer the ergonomics though 7sII feels better in my hands (when i'm not changing the aperture )