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After a several year hiatus from analog photography, I'm starting up my darkroom again. I used to use the Kodak RA-4 chemistry one shot kits for home use. Of course, these are no longer available, so I'll have to use a replenishing developer.
I generally mix smaller package size quantities and store the remaining concentrates in smaller bottles with no air space. This has worked well for me in the past.
I was planning to use Ektacolor RA Developer Replenisher RT 10L , however I also noticed there Adorama also offers Kodak RA Prime SP Paper Developer Replenisher 10L which has a single concentrate instead of 3. It is more expensive than RA-RT. However, the single concentrate makes for easier mixing.
So my question is does anyone know how the shelf life of the Prime SP concentrate compares to the RA-RT concentrate?
I started this post to clarify that my comment about the thickness and separating into layers of single mix RA dev repl concentrate was about other brands. I suspect Kodak approached it the same way, but it would be worth checking. I'm not sure but think it was Fuji and Trebla (or Champion) my experience was with.

Now I also see that I may have misunderstood your original post. I thought you were mixing partial quantities from the mix bottles, but as I read it again it sounds like you are mixing the full bottle, then storing the mixed solution in multiple smaller bottles. The issue I spoke of in mixing partial amounts wouldn't be an issue in that situation.