The latest on color infrared film...

Hello Everyone

Iím getting lots of mail regarding the availability of the Aerochrome Color Infrared Film.

This is the current status. I just bought what I believe to be the very last fresh material ever. Some more could pop up in the future, but my current source is depleted. I may send another follow up letter next year, but for now thanks so much to everyone who participated in this project. We got thousands of amazing IR photos!

I have enough material to produce another 1000 medium format rolls and some extra stock that I will use to cut sheet film in 4x5 and 8x10. If you are interested in sheet film, contact me and I will try to accommodate you. I also have some strips measuring 1.5 inches wide by 33 inches long.

This is fresh Kodak Aerochrome Infrared Film. It was manufactured in 2010 and dated 2011. If kept frozen, the film will remain fresh for several years.

120 medium format rolls are $26 each (20 euros)

4x5 pack of 24 sheets is USD $208. (160 euros)

8x10 pack of 12 sheets is USD $416. (320 euros)

1.5 x 33 inch film strips are USD $12 each (10 euros)

I am sorry, but I will not be doing any 35mm format and I cannot give any discounts.

Shipping: USD$8 (4 euros) Standard Postage

When shipping to Canada or Italy, I cannot be responsible for the post. I can send it registered, express or however you like, but with these countries that is no promise that you will get the film on time. You must risk the post yourself.

Have a photographic day!

Dean Bennici