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Was the photo sold by Gursky or by a private collector if it is the later gursky won't see a dime from the sale, the same thing with Sherman's selfportrait. Gursky's photo is not my taste but tastes differ furthermore the art market has nothing to do with art and everything to do with the market. Art is sold like stock and just like the stockmarket it mostly produces bubbles created by some selfserving individuals. Never forget who Damien Hearst's best costumer is the answer is simple Damien Hearst. He buys most of his works and creates the illusion of being one of the most expensive Artists in the world, while in reality he buys the stuff himself basically he's a fraud. I doubt that Gursky buys his own work I rather believe that the market creates artist no matter what the artists does for the simple reason to have something to sell.


Is that true about Hearst? I never cared for his crap but my brother has a print. I like how he makes a series of prints, then prints them again but rotates them 90 degrees and voila - new piece. I always assumed he was a fraud but what you're saying - about him buying his own work - wow.

I think people like Gursky's work mostly because the prints are gigantic, and also because marketing makes the art and people are suckers. No way his stuff is going to hold that kind of ridiculous value over time. I hope whoever paid that price for this print bought it to enjoy because there's no way that was a good investment (unless there's an even bigger fool out there who will pay $10 million).